Ranking Road, your first G-Local digital partner

Ranking Road Academy a Barcellona

Ranking Road continua il suo percorso di crescita internazionale invitando a Barcellona tutti i CEO delle società partner per definire strategie di new business e pianificare investimenti per il 2017.

Relatori del workshop ranking road presso Unindustria

G-Local approach presented in Italy

The two Ranking Road meetings of the last week turned out to be a great success. Workshops took place in Italy ( in Reggio Emilia at Unindustria, and in Parma) and focused on the themes as business opportunities in Europe and correct digital strategy:

Opportunity Europe: is digital market really united?


Ranking Road participation at CeBIT

Ranking Road announces its first participation at CeBIT, taking place from 14th to 18th March 2016 in Hannover, Germany.

Network, operating in nine countries, brings together around twelve partners and offers search engine optimization services (SEO), paid placement in the engine results (SEA) and