Ranking Road Academy in Lisbon: international sales strategy 2018

The new Ranking Road Academy takes place between 12th and 13th February. Country managers and sales managers participating in the meeting will discuss about the international sales strategy, define the 2018 sales protocol and plan the forthcoming events.

This year is set to be full of important events:  Salone eCom a Ginevra , Webshow a Londra e Netcom forum a Milano.

Ranking Road is a company specialized in multilingual SEO, pay-per-click campaigns and other international web marketing services as Amazon Marketing (AMS). Our G-local approach is essential for development of a successful digital export strategy for European market.

During the Lisbon Academy we will also focus on the that are going to impact our Ranking Road communication.

Ranking Road Technical Commission

The next meeting of the Ranking Road technical commission will take place on January 25th in Barcelona.

During this event European technical teams will discuss the work procedures and the new digital strategies for business.

The meeting agenda is very busy. During the two-days’ event the teams will  discuss various themes as: optimizing the SEO strategies in the context of the most recent search engines’ international directives,  localization of the pay-per-click services in order to increase the export, finding the best tools and solutions that can help companies win the new markets in the more and more competitive scenario.

RR Technical Commission is the first of 2018 events. This year is going to be full of exciting meetings with the focus both on technical and sales&marketing  aspects . These cultural and knowledge exchanges  will further contribute to the Ranking Road growth.

Ranking Road positive results

31st of July the newly formed multi-national agency network, Ranking Road, has completed its first year of operations. We are delighted with the results achieved – affirms the CEO Antonio Borri

Ranking Road Academy a Barcellona

Ranking Road continua il suo percorso di crescita internazionale invitando a Barcellona tutti i CEO delle società partner per definire strategie di new business e pianificare investimenti per il 2017.

Relatori del workshop ranking road presso Unindustria

G-Local approach presented in Italy

The two Ranking Road meetings of the last week turned out to be a great success. Workshops took place in Italy ( in Reggio Emilia at Unindustria, and in Parma) and focused on the themes as business opportunities in Europe and correct digital strategy:

Opportunity Europe: is digital market really united?